jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Owl, Peacock, Peacock

I´ve met someone who met someone and they two had together an awesome time. That someone left leaving the other one and me with memories of love and parties. My thing, I must tell, is the last one due to their nature. I´ve never seen an associate of that nature eating so fast a passion fruit pie while waiting for you in a Cafe. The pie was a friendly remain, the anxiety was an overall sheared feeling and the couple with the bored kid was just my topic to have a conversation. Chatting was somewhat difficult when my own bird was not willing to come out to easily entertain him. Leaves moved by the wind had a power on him that I could never match. Now you, with a shy hug in a park, can amuse his spare time with images of hurricanes and forests. That roman habit of him made out of me a jealous witness, but for the first time in my life I was happy for not being the child of the story. Envy though. Envy though could have him drink and drunken bodies forget and allowed. The other instinct was then vulnerable enough to make my violent mind game even sexier. A word muttered just for you and episode that was earned just for me because it takes courage to tease egos.

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